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Completing the online audit

The LEAF Audit is available online at www.leafaudit.org . This allows LEAF to input regular updates and ensure the information and advice is fully up to date and relevant to our members. The online system is designed to work on all computers with Internet Explorer 6+ or Firefox or Apple Macs (running the latest version of Firefox). If you have any problems accessing the audit or completing the questions please contact the LEAF office and we will be happy to help 02476 413911.

The Audit is divided into eight sections:

  • Organisation and Planning
  • Soil Management and Fertility
  • Crop Protection
  • Pollution Control and Management
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Energy Efficiency and water management
  • Landscape and Nature Conservation
  • Community Relations

Each section can be completed separately or as a whole.

How long will it take?
LEAF appreciates that few enjoy filling out forms - this one is different. Firstly as it is a self-assessment tool you can choose the time to complete it. It will only take you a couple of hours and will give you a comprehensive review of your farming systems and guide you on how to manage for the future and help you adopt IFM. The Audit assesses where you are now, where you are getting it right and identifies priority areas for improvement.

Online guidance library
In addition to individual guidance with each question the audit also has an extensive guidance library. This is fully searchable and also linked to each point, it is designed to help you get the most out of the tools and planning features.

PDF Reports
Once you have completed the Audit, you will be able to view or print an Audit report, Action report, a Performance profile and a completion certificate which is helpful if you are being inspected for LEAF Marque. These can be used throughout the year as reference points for your business.