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Contact Us

If you have any enquiries, feel free to contact us by phone or email. Alternatively, please leave your message in the contact box at the bottom of the page.

Phone: 0247 6413 911
Email: enquiries@leafuk.org
Address: LEAF, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LG

You can also contact LEAF on twitter -

Caroline Drummond, Chief Executive, LEAF

Caroline Drummond, Chief Executive
Email: caroline.drummond@leafuk.org

Jeremy Boxall, Commercial Manager, LEAF

Jeremy Boxall, Commercial Manager
Email: jeremy.boxall@leafuk.org

Stephen Jones, Operations Manager, LEAF

Stephen Jones, Operations Manager
Email: stephen.jones@leafuk.org

Annabel Shackleton, Events Manager, LEAF

Annabel Shackleton, Events, Open Farm Sunday and Open Farm School Days Manager
Email: annabel.shackleton@leafuk.org

Antony Googin, LEAF Marque Technical Manager, LEAF

Anthony Goggin, LEAF Marque Technical Manager
Email: anthony.goggin@leafuk.org

Kathryn Mitchell, IFM Co-ordinator, LEAF

Kathryn Mitchell, IFM Development Manager
Email: kathryn.mitchell@leafuk.org

Val Goldstraw, Secretary, LEAF

Val Goldstraw, Membership Co-ordinator
Email: val.goldstraw@leafuk.org

Justine Hards, Publications Assistant, LEAF

Justine Hards, Publications and PR Co-ordinator
Email: justine.hards@leafuk.org

Tom Hills, Marketing and Communications, LEAF

Tom Hills, Marketing and Communications Executive
Email: tom.hills@leafuk.org

Carol Cartwright, LEAF

Carol Cartwright, IFM and Events Administrator
Email: carol.cartwright@leafuk.org

Hayley Lovegrove, General Secretary, LEAF

Hayley Lovegrove, Executive Assistant
Email: hayley.lovegrove@leafuk.org

Alice Midmer, Projects Co-ordinator, LEAF

Alice Midmer, Projects Co-ordinator
Email: alice.midmer@leafuk.org

Mel McCarthy, Events, Open Farm Sunday and Open Farm School Days Administrator, LEAF

Mel McCarthy, Events, Open Farm Sunday and Open Farm School Days Administrator
Email: mel.mccarthy@leafuk.org

Caroline Ellis, Bookkeeper, LEAF

Caroline Ellis, Bookkeeper
Email: temp@leafuk.org

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